Forgive and Forget :\

I feel lost ..u know? Haah yeah probably not…but im just lost with things around me family things that just happened .it affects me now .but I still question if im ever gonna see myself successful with all these things happening..i remember crying to my friend one day at 2am and she was shocked,because I never cry .she always sees me happy and laughing,making others laugh .she knows the things I go through and she is like shocked it got to me now ….i like making people smile and happy,.i would rather be sad ,but try to make someone else happy so they dont need to go through my shity life..but I try .,like I can probably say any joke mhm? On,this day ,Jesus said no to Yolo ..funny? K..ive had people walk out on me..people I thought I was going to spend years with. Im just lost thinking whos next person did leave me …the person did give me a sign of it ..but I didnt think much of it..until one day that person never texted back..thats y at times I tell,my Friends to text me back at least saying they busy rite now…so I dont get worried and scared they mite not text back…thats y I rather not end the conversation with goodnight or goodbye .cuz that to me means like saying “goodbye forever” .,thats y I ask u guys to sleep on me if anything …so we dont sound annoying to each other and continue with the conversation…


I hate how people cant send a simple text to someone now a days…like if ima go out of my way just to talk to you.Bitch you should do the same shit back, because trust me its gonna get annoying to me that I have to do that and that will me make me not wanna text you anymore… me I delete peoples number in a heartbeat for that stupid shit… T_______T